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Ranch Rodeo

Superintendent: Leisil Luera 575-538-1582
Friday at 4:00pm

Team Penning and Mugging- 6 minutes 
Time starts when first horse crosses south line. 
All steers will be at North end of arena.
Entire herd of steers are to stay on North side of line provided.
No loping in or out of herd.
Steers will be numbered.
Cut 3 steers out of herd and team pen them in the pen provided.
The 3 steers will be the odd or even number your team is in the order of the teams for this event.
Once all steers are penned, they must rope and mug 1 steer in the arena by three legs.
Anyone can rope the steer; do not need to have a designated roper.
SLICK HORN Catch Only! Heels cannot be roped and steer stretched, the steer must be mugged!
Mugged Steer must stay tied for 6 second and must not be tripped or knocked down, it must be mugged.
All ropes must be off steers before time is called.
Time stops when mugged steer is tied and judge calls time.

Running Iron Branding ----7 minutes
Time starts when first member crosses chalk line.
All steers will be at North endo of arena.
Entire herd of steers are to stay on north side of line provided. 
No loping in or out of herd. 
Cut two steers out of herd. HORN catches only.
Steers need to be heeled by both hind feet only and branded. If one leg caught there will be a 5 second penalty.  NO PANTIHOSES OR HIGH HOCKS.
Steers must be branded on the left hip. 
Illegal loops include: front leg, head, half head with front foot, loop cannot travel thru the body to catch hind feet, including panty hose and high hock. 
Both steers can be roped at the same time if the team chooses to do so. 

Time will stop when all ropes are off of second steer. 

Hide Race & Trailer Loading --- 5 minutes
Time starts when cowboys on foot hand rope to dragger. 

Truck, trailer, and hide will be in the arena.
Cones will be placed around truck, cones must not be knocked over or 30 second per cone will be added to time. 
A mounted member will be at south end of arena, south end of the line, holding two other member’s horses.
Two members must ride the hide while being drug around the truck and trailer to their horses.
Once entire team is mounted, a steer will be release into the arena.
Steer must be roped by Slick Horn Catch and drug into the trailer with ropes removed once loaded. Head catch must not be harmful to cattle. (Same as above.)
Two horses must be loaded in back of the trailer with all gates closed, including middle gate and “road ready”. 
It is permissible to ride your horse into the trailer with the steer, as long as there are two horses in the back of the trailer and ready to go.

Time stops when team members are all loaded int0 the cab of the truck and doors shut.

** We ask that after each team completes their event to please follow their cattle back to the stripping chutes.
Any portions of any events that are unable to be completed will NOT disqualify a team or give them a NO TIME. It will simply add a time penalty to their overall time. Example: We expect each event to take half the allotted time. Therefore, if you are unable to mug your steer – add 3 minutes, steer not loaded in the trailer – add 3 minutes. 

Dress Code
All contestants MUST wear long sleeve western shirts, cowboy hat and boots at all times in the arena. Hats cannot be intentionally knocked off. Chaps and leggings are optional. 

Please keep in mind that this rodeo is for the enjoyment of our contestants and spectators, and is a family event. We are representing our heritage and way of life and should do so with respect and manners. If any member has a discrepancy on ruling or questions, only the team captain may speak to the judges. NO profanity is allowed. 
Proper handling of livestock and horses is expected, and any mistreatment of stock will result in disqualification. This includes the truck and trailer. Any contestant found to be intoxicated before or during rodeo will be disqualified. 

If any person has any complaint at any time, $100 will need to be given to a judge or person in charge. The complaint will be discussed at the end of the rodeo. If the complaint is found to be true, then he/she will get the $100 back. If the complaint is unfounded, then that person’s $100 will go towards the event. 

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