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2022 Donors

We wish to extend a great big Thank You to all of our Livestock Buyers, Livestock


Buckle Donors, Pin Donors, Ranch Rodeo Donors and Sponsors and Open Ranch Bronc


Thank You from the 2022 Catron County Fair

7E Leather
911 Land Cattle
Acosta Equipment
Adobe Gifts
Aliesia McCoy
Alma Store and Grill LLC
American Legion Post 82-Reserve
Arenas Valley Animal Clinic
Banjo Ranch
Barney and Sue Spurgeon
Benjamin Stieg
Bob and Donnah McKeen
Bill Sullenger
Black Gold Emporium
Blaze Barnett
Bobby & Judy Salvo
Booga Reds
Bruton Farm and Ranch
Catron Garage
Charlie and Pat Judd
Charlie’s Supply
Cherrill’s Western Wear
Chris and Mike Hill
Clay and Nina Atwood
Commissioner Anita Hand
Dale and Bonnie Zirkle
Danny & Jackie Fryar
Datil Buyer's Club
Dayton & LaVerne Baublit
Deadman Ranch
Double S Ranch
Doug Baird
Eagle Guest Ranch
Eddie and LeAn Luera
Edward Jones Investments- Jennifer
McKeen Villegas
Eileen McKeen
El Caso Ranch
Faust Enterprises
Fence Lake Buyers Club

Ferranti Natural Resources
First State Bank
Flying V Ranch
Frisco Buyer's Club
Frisco Cowbelles
Frisco Valley LLC
Gallup Well Drilling
Gary & Sammie Finch
Honey Shack
Hooper Cattle Ranch
Horse Springs Buyers Club
Hugh B McKeen
Hubert Schmieder
Hybrid Plumbing and Boiler
JAAL Robertson LLC/ Mogollon Metal
Jake's General Merchandise
Janeen Jump
Jaramillo Custom Meats
John and Eileen Dodds
John Josserand
Junk & Java
Kaden Manning
Knight Guiding/Outfitting
Lee and Shelby Saulsberry
Leilani Hampton
Lobo Lane Enterprises/Apache RV Park
Luna Rodeo Pioneer Association
Luna Valley 4H
Major Ranch Realty
Major Wildlife Studio
Mangas Outfitters
Mark Svir/ Cross V Ranch
McCoys Hardware and Feed LLC
Memory of Bobby & Lillian McKinley
Menges Ranch
Michelle’s Store
Mill Canyon Ranch
More than Dirt Farms
Mountaineer Buyer's Club
Mountaineer Inn

Navapache Electric
NM West Properties
Norton Farms
Open Range Real Estate
Orphey Livestock
Patriot Tools
Patterson Hunt Co
Paul Curry Real Estate
Payten Saulsberry
Pie Town Designs
Pie Town Trading Post
Pinnacle Propane
Pueblo Creek Ranch
Quemado Buyer's Club
Rains Family
Rainy Mesa/Trophy Ridge
Randy and Charlotte Greenwood
Rayden Leyba-Reid
Representative Gail Armstrong
Robb Hatch
Rylan and Kristin Carver
San Francisco Outfitters
Saw Tooth Shadow Ranch
Scott Houghs and Lester Roper
Shane & Tamara Manning
Slash Lightning Ranch LLC
Socorro Electric
South Aero
Spur Lake Cattle Co
Steve Jensen
Steve Mills & Gail Campbell
Swapp’s Diesel and Welding
Supper Sakve Company LLC
The Bliss
TLC Plumbing and Utility
Trevor Saulsberry
Triangle C Ranch
Troy and Kelly Garey
Uncle Bill's Bar
Western Bank
Williams Ranch Supply
Williams Windmill
Winton Appraisal
WRS Trucking
XA Bar and Grill

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