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Superintendent: Loralee Pierce

See General Rules and Junior Livestock Rules. Only bedding allowed is shavings or sand. Health papers can be requested at any time.

1. Entry Fee: $10.00 per head

2. Any animals shown in this department must have been continuously owned and personally cared for by the exhibitor since June 1 of the current year and cannot be transferred from 4-H to FFA or vice versa or within family during the feeding period.

3. Barrows and Gilts are eligible to be shown.

4. All clipping on Market Swine must be completed prior to fair.

5. Any Swine with dressing other than water will immediately be removed from the ring and will not be allowed to compete for premiums.

6. Pens: Exhibitors showing two swine must keep them in the same pen contingent upon the swine numbers.

7. Feeding: Swine can be fed in the pen, but all food and water must be removed after each feeding.

8. Medication: As described in rule # 19 of the General Livestock Rules.

9. Breed classes will require a minimum of six animals. Breed classes will consist of White OPB, Black OPB, Duroc, Hampshire, and Crosses. In the event there are not (6) six of any breed in each class the entire division will be broke by weight.

10. Animals with parasites will not be allowed on fair grounds.

11. Classes will be set at discretion of Superintendent and all classifications are final.

12. Minimum weight is 200 pounds, maximum weight is 270.

13. Deadline for disposition of sale swine is 30 minutes after lamb showmanship. Animals will not be eligible for sale without disposition. Market animals will be released on Saturday at 4:00 pm.

14. A cleaning fee of $25.00 will be assessed to exhibitor for unclean stalls.

15. Swine must be weighed and in place by Wednesday from 6:00 to 8:00 pm . Weigh backs for animals that did not make weight must be done by 9:00 am Thursday. It is strongly suggested you have your animal in its pen by 6:00 pm as this will make weighing go a lot faster.


Premiums will be paid to the top 50% of the class

Grand Champion $50.00 Reserve Grand Champion $35.00

1 Place $15.00 2 Place $13.00 3 Place $11.00

4 Place $9.00 5 Place $ 7.00 6 Place $5.00


Superintendent: Loralee Pierce

This class shall consist of qualified junior market SWINE that have been bred on a ranch all or partially located in Catron County.

1. Entry Fee $10.00 per head.

2. Must be entered in the regular swine show and adhere to all market swine rules

3. Grand Champion County Bred will not get to sell another animal.

4. Swine must be weighed in and in place by Wednesday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Weigh backs for animals that did not make weight must be done by 9:00 am on Thursday.


Premiums will be paid to the top 50% of the class

Grand Champion $50.00 Reserve Champion $35.00

1 Place $20.00 2 Place $10.00