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Market Beef

Superintendent Nancy Wolf


          For additional information please see General Junior Livestock Rules. No feed or water for all cattle left in the barn.

  1.    Market calves must have been continuously owned and must be in possession of the exhibitor March 15 of the current year. 

  2.     Bill of sale must be available to be checked by the Beef Superintendent if required.

  3.     Market beef classes will be determined by weight by the Superintendent. 1000 pounds weight minimum.

  4.     Market beef may be washed, blown, and combed prior to judging. No artificial coloring, glues or adhesives will be allowed. Calves                 may be subject to a white glove/towel test at any time by the superintendent. Violators of this rule will be disqualified from the                       show.

  5.     Market heifers will be shown with market steers as market beef. Market heifers will not be allowed to show in the breeding heifer                class. In order to show in the market beef class, heifers must be certified preg-tested “OPEN” 30 days prior to show with a signed                  certification from a licensed Vet or Certified Technician and must be presented at check in. Market heifers will be considered                         market beef and are allocated the same Jr. Livestock Sale provisions as provided in the General Livestock Rules. A market heifer 9               may be shown in the County Bred class if she is classified to do so and follows all provisions outlined in the County Bred Livestock               rules.


                          HEIFER CLASS

         For additional information please see General Junior Livestock Rules.

  1.   Heifers will not be sold during the Junior Livestock Auction.

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