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Market Lambs

Superintendent: Justine Romero


For additional information please see General Junior Livestock Rules.

  1. Classes will be determined by weight by the Lamb Superintendent. All             classifications are final.

  2. Minimum weight is 80 pounds. No maximum weight.

  3. No feed is allowed to remain in the lamb barn.

  4. Sand bedding is allowed. Be prepared to muzzle lambs.

  5. All Market Lambs will be shorn (to a uniform length of ¼” of wool above         the knees) prior to check in.

  6. No artificial colors allowed.

  7. Only wethers and ewe lambs may be exhibited in Market Lamb Classes. Market       lambs may be purchased or bred by the participant. Only lambs (animals           under one year of age) are eligible to show in the Junior Market Classes.       Market Lambs must show milk teeth.

  8. Sheep with ringworm lesions will be denied at weigh in and must be removed       from the fairgrounds. However, sheep hauled on the same trailer will be         allowed to show.

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