Catron County Fair - Celebrating the youth of Catron County for over 50 years!
We wish to extend a great big Thank You to all of our Livestock Buyers, Livestock Donors,
Buckle Donors and Pin Donors
Thank You from the 2017 Catron County Fair

TLC Plumbing
Y Ranch
Rick & Missy Williams
Norris Family
Datil Buyers Club
First New Mexico Bank
Old Mill Edgewood
John & Polly Pierson
Clay & Nina Atwood
Jakes General Merchandise
AG Country Propane
Quemado Buyers Club
Mountaineers Buyers Club
First State Bank
Horse Springs Buyers Club
Eagle Guest Ranch
Arenas Valley Animal Clinic- Clay Allred
Farm Credit of New Mexico
Fence Lake Buyers Club
Matthews Meat Processing
Showers LLC
Charlie Meyers
Wagner Equipment
Eugene & Bonnie Armejo
Cattlemen's Livestock
JNT Contractors
Dusty Choate
Mike & Chris Hill
John Hand
The Stool Bus LLC
Hugh B & Margie McKeen
Phil & Tara McKinley
Big Country Veterinary Services
Harriet Ranch
Ben Romero
Jerry & Nelda Rae McPaul
Farr Cattle Company
Caleb & Ann Kerr
Rebel Ranch Outfitters  Mark Crump
Michael & Josephine Baca
Gila Land Surveying LLC
Precision Antler
Jim & Cindy Wasserburger
Frisco Cowbelles
Black Gold Emporium
Log, Stick, & Steel LLC
Anita Hand
Winton Appraisial Co.
Coy & Cindy Craig
 Jean Atwood
Richard Jernigan
Rob & Julie Overacker
Shannon Murdock

John & Vernice Mayhill
Navopache Electric Co-op
John & Bridget Cauzza
Alma Store & Grill
Reserve & Glenwood Realty
Bobby & Judy Salvo
Scott & Pam Hale
Steve Ziegler Income Tax Service
Mogollon Metal Works
John & Eileen Dodds
Jerry Albin
Reserve Sportsmen's Association - Stanley Radvillas
Ann Jenkerson
Stan & Rae Towner
Luna Buyers Club
Dave Estrada
Andy Carrejo
Michelle Guiterrez
Tommy Norton
Redco Trading
Largo Cafe & Motel
Carl & Kathy Southall
Chance & Barbara Atwood
Steve Jensen
Dale & Gail Armstrong
Mark & Yvonne Atwood
Kathleen Schuster
Doug & Wanda Baird
Uncle Bill's
Double H Operations
Rex Ackerman
Nathan & Kathy Romero
Ron & Mahona Burnett
Sammy & Lucille Bustamante
Socorro Electric Co-op
Robert De La O
Open Range Real Estate
Woodland Building Center
Ray Goetz
Dirmeyer Contracting
Greg & Teresa Ogden
Lupe Grandchamp
Jerry Armstrong
Mike Baldridge
Mundo Guiterrez
Apache Creek Cattle Co.
Barnett Family
Cline Family
Cory & Jime Jo Albin
Frisco Buyers Club
Gary & Julie Kiehne
Fritz & Donna Hammer

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